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wbarbosa_HCM300_mod 2 - Interview of Dustin Sheil Wesley...

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Interview of Dustin Sheil Wesley Barbosa CSU Global The Interview: 1. Please describe the typical activities that encompass your working day. Each and every day starts off differently for me. As the manager and clinical coordinator of this company I am in charge of three different facilities. Each day there are several managerial tasks at hand which must be addressed. At any given time there are at least five different projects going on which I have to supervise. 2. Do you feel the majority of your time is spent on managerial activities, or activities involving motivation, leadership and vision? I wish the majority of my time could be spent involving managerial activities. I tend to spend much more time on activities involving motivation and vision. The major problems which we are currently facing is keeping a trained and qualified staff on board.
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The most difficult part of keeping the train staff is that two of the facilities must have Russians speaking employees as the majority of the customers only speak Russian. I also have some difficulty with speaking Russian as it is a second language for me which sometimes can cause communication problems between me and my employees.
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