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Mod 5 Critical Thinking Wesley Barbosa CSU Global The government has had a large role in America’s long-term healthcare since the late 1700’s. Although the US government’s involvement was rather minimal in the beginning it has grown significantly over the decades. In recent years the people have demanded a better health care system and there have been many new sectors and legislation put in place to make the current healthcare system better and stronger than ever before.
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“From its origins, when public health was integral to societies' social structures, through the sanitary movement and contagion eras, when it evolved as a separate discipline, to the "new public health" era, when health promotion projects like Healthy Cities appear to be steering the discipline back to society's social structure, public health seems to have come full circle.” (Awofeso, 2004) The origins of public health can be traced back as far as the Hebrews who believed in and practiced spiritual cleanliness and also practiced community responsibility. The Greeks practiced good personal hygiene in order to achieve mind and body balance. The Romans developed and used elaborate water systems for in order to remove sewage from the city and they built and maintained infirmaries for the sick. Other times in history the world say the effects of poor hygiene. In the medieval times
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wbarbosa_HCM300_mod 5 - Mod 5 Critical Thinking Wesley...

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