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Wesley Barbosa CRJ300 Court Report

Wesley Barbosa CRJ300 Court Report - Court Report Wesley...

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Court Report Wesley Barbosa CSU Global I visited to 2 different courts for this assignment. The first one was Arapahoe County on September 21, 2011. I went to this court because I had to take my girlfriend to fight a ticket we had got for our dog. It was “Unlawfully allowing a dog on DPOR property”, which we intend on fighting. Long story short, we spoke with a District Attorney (DA) who offered us a standard deal (If we make a $50 donation to ant Colorado State Park they will dismiss the charges), which we turned down and we set a date for trial. I was very surprised that the DA would not even look
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at any of the evidence that we had brought in. She said that was not her job and that we should take the deal. I went into a court room and began to watch but it turned out to be traffic court. I was about to leave but then there was a misdemeanor traffic case. A monitor turned on and the defendant, who was in custody, was on the screen. The case number was 1011086, I could not seem to read or hear the Judges name. The defendant was detained for “No valid driver’s license” and “No insurance”. I was very surprised as I had no idea that you could be arrested for these charges. The defendant was released with time served and had to return to the court with proof of insurance and driver’s license and had to pay a fine. In the middle of the judge talking with the defendant two officers entered the court room and placed a person who was sitting right next to me under arrest, I guess he had a warrant. I left court because this felt too much like
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Wesley Barbosa CRJ300 Court Report - Court Report Wesley...

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