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Wesley Barbosa CRJ300 Prison - Prison Wesley Barbosa CSU...

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Prison Wesley Barbosa CSU Global Prison The judicial system in America has failed. America has the highest incarceration rate in the world. American prisons were originally developed for the purpose of rehabilitation but most prisons today focus on retribution. “67.5% of prisoners released in 1994 were rearrested within 3
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years” (Bureau of Justice Statistics 2011) This is an unacceptable number of reoffenders and proves the system does not work. There are about 1,400 prisons today in America which house around 1,600,000 sentenced inmates. “The incarceration rate for state and federal prisoners sentenced to more than a year has reached a record of 501prisoners for every 100,000 U.S. residents.” (Schmalleger, 2012) That is rates of about 1 in every 200 Americans were incarcerated in 2007. Today’s high incarceration rate can be attributed to several different factors. Some of these include a current “get tough on crime” philosophy that has been going on for the last few decades, the current war on drugs, increased use of punishments, reluctance to parole prisoners, probation officers reporting technical violations, elimination of good time credits, longer sentences and two and three strike rules. Crime rate is down from 20 years ago but we continue
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Wesley Barbosa CRJ300 Prison - Prison Wesley Barbosa CSU...

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