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Theme Parks week 7 assignment 2 - Running head THEME PARKS...

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Running head: THEME PARKS 1 Theme Parks Keith E. Suter HTT/200 11-20-2011 Theodene Yee
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THEME PARKS 2 Theme parks have entertained guests of all ages, for many years. It is not a big secret that theme parks are visited by millions of tourists all over the world. Do you think that people use theme park websites to help them decide on which one to go to? Or maybe use those websites to decide between a theme park around where they live or overseas? Let me first start out by talking about a couple of theme park websites. ThemeParkCity.com vs. Themeparkinsider.com Unfortunately in this writer’s opinion, there is not even a contention between these two websites. Themeparkinsider.com is the better of the two websites. One reason is that even though ThemeParkCity.com is copyrighted in 2010, the website has not been updated since 2008 (ThemeParkCity.com, 2010). When it comes to being a contender in the theme park information field, you have to keep all of our information up to date. The themeparkinsider.com website has most of what any tourist would or want in order to decide if they want to go to one theme park or another. This site will give you reviews of theme
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