Week 4 - HTT Chain and Independent Restaurants

Week 4 - HTT Chain and Independent Restaurants - make your...

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Chain and Independent Restaurants The advantage and disadvantages of chain and independent restaurants can be difficult to understand. The disadvantages are the main culprit. Here are some advantages and disadvantages for a few different categories. Site Selection A. The advantage of site selection is success. Site selection is important to restaurants in order to them successful. The store would need to select a “high traffic” area to ensure that they are seen, are talked about, and have the ability to be successful. B. The disadvantage would happen if a company picked the wrong place to open a store. If store opened and there was not many people who lived there, the store would not likely be success. Purchasing Economies A. The advantages of purchasing economies is being able to have the products you need to
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Unformatted text preview: make your store successful and at a cheaper price. Having your own companies to get the food you need is important. B. A disadvantage to this could be not having enough money to go through another company for or maybe running the risk that the company you do go through goes out of business. New Product Development A. New Product Development will improve sales and profits. If you have a new product, something that no one else has, people will come to try it. B. A disadvantage could be putting money into a product that does not take off. Buying the ingredients to make a product that no one orders. References Powers, T., & Barrows, C. W. (2006). Introduction to the hospitality industry (6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley....
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Week 4 - HTT Chain and Independent Restaurants - make your...

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