Casual - Running head CASUAL RESTURANTS 1 Casual...

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Unformatted text preview: Running head: CASUAL RESTURANTS 1 Casual Restaurants Keith E. Suter HTT/200 Oct 15, 2011 Theodoene Yee CASUAL RESTURANTS 2 Casual Restaurants 1. The themes for each restaurant are: Mimi’s Café is themed around New Orleans and based on Cajun food, Houston’s restaurants are themed in to American contemporary with American food, and P.F. Chang’s has an Asian theme with Asian food. 2. All three of the restaurants allow you to apply for a job online. 3. Both P.F. Chang’s and Mimi’s Café both had menu’s on their websites, but Houston’s restaurant did not. From what I could tell, none of the restaurants offered an option to see what new food is coming. 4. The website that I found most useful was Mimi’s Café. The reason I say that is because their website has everything from applying online to menus and food descriptions. If I had to choose a restaurant to work at, it would be the Sci-Fi Diner at Hollywood Studio in Walt Disney World. The theme for this location is a 1950’s drive in. Guests dine in old Studio in Walt Disney World....
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Casual - Running head CASUAL RESTURANTS 1 Casual...

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