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HTT Week 2 - Diversity checkpoint - new trends and old...

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Diversity There are quite a few elements of diversity. Diversity in a basic instance means difference or change. Some of the elements of diversity mentioned in the textbook are: skin color, ethnicity, gender, education, age, sexual orientation, economic background, beliefs, religion, culture, learning style, country of origin, geographic region, physical ability, mental ability, personality, experience, expressiveness, veteran status, and weight. Well, maybe not just a few of the elements. Whether we like it or not diversity is all around and is always changing. Now that we talked about diversity, now it is time to move on to something else. It is time to talk about a major trend in the hospitality industry. How many trends are out in the world that has to do with hospitality? There are many
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Unformatted text preview: new trends and old trends out there. One of the major trends in the world right now is online booking in the hospitality industry. Online booking is easy and convenient for the consumer and makes helps hotels keep better records. Personally, I know that 65% of the reservations make at the hotel I work at are done online. A great deal of companies has advanced in this way, and this has also caused a decline of employment in some companies. Now companies do not have to hire someone to take reservations over the phone, customers can do all of that themselves. Some of the companies that online booking possible are American Airlines, Hilton hotels, Hertz rental cars, and Holland American Cruise Lines, and Choice Hotels....
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