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Format for Lab Reports CHM 226 I. Abstract (10%) s ChemDraw Reaction s Brief Summary II. Introduction (15%) s Minimum of 3 references Primary literature only No web references allowed s Mechanism Draw the mechanism using ChemDraw s Explain it Briefly explain the mechanism s Application with reference Give an example of an application of the reaction by using a literature reference Reference counts as 1 of the 3 (minimum) required III. Procedure (10%) s 1-2 Paragraphs s Briefly describe what occurred s Explain in terms so that a TA could replicate it s Note changes from the original procedure and observations s Indicate how the product was analyzed IV. Data (25%) s Data organized into tables s Important NMR/IR peaks listed in tables
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Unformatted text preview: s Purity & Yield Ex. Amounts of starting materials based on reaction 2A + 1B → 1 Product Compound MW (g/mol) Mass Moles Mole Ratio Reagent A 98.23 g/mol 2.0123 g 0.0205 moles 2 Reagent B 196.46 g/mol 2.0215 g 0.0103 moles 1 Product 102.53 g/mol 1.0002 g 0.0098 moles 1 V. Results & Discussion (20%) Explain and interpret all of the data (including but not limited to) s Sources of error s Percent yield s Theoretical yield s Limiting reagent s NMR analysis s IR analysis s GC analysis s TLC analysis VI. Supporting Information (15%) s Spectra (including but not limited to NMR, GC, IR) s Notebook VII. References (5%) s Use of proper references s Proper formatting of references...
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