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fast food nation essay - The Evils of Fast Food Advertising...

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The Evils of Fast Food Advertising Throughout United States history there has always been some form of advertisements. In today’s world there are ads everywhere. When someone turns on a T.V. there are advertisements in the form of commercials. When someone opens a magazine it is filled with ads on every other page. Even when walking down the streets there are marketing ads on buses, benches, and on billboards. It seems that ads are completely unavoidable. Certain products that are advertised are electronics, clothes, and food. Different advertisements are aimed at all different types of communities, races, and ages. Fast food companies like McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s all aim their commercials or banners towards young kids. The benefit of aiming commercials towards children is that children’s attention is captured easier than adults would. After seeing the commercial with that “awesome free toy” the child would prop their parent to take them to the fast food restaurant not knowing that what they are eating is just harming their bodies, and feeding the corporation with even more money. Some fast food chains have even gone as far as to advertising in elementary schools. Fast food however (especially at a young age) ultimately makes people unhealthy, which is why advertisements aimed towards kids should be banned. By banning fast food ads aimed at children, kids will not have a desire to go to the restaurant and eat all the unhealthy foods seen in the commercials. The fast food corporations try to get kids to come and eat their food by showing them toys that come with their meals, or playgrounds they can play in if they came visit the restaurant. It is time for the government to step in and regulate these ads that promote foods high in fat and sugar. This action would definitely help kids start making the right choices. It will be easier for parents to feed kids healthy foods because they would not be seeing all the fast food commercials or banners anymore. “A taste for fat developed in childhood is difficult to lose as an adult” (Schlosser 241).
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So if children are never really introduced to these types of foods they should grow up to become healthier teens and eventually healthier adults.
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