female chauvinist pigs - Female Chauvinist Pigs Woman and...

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Female Chauvinist Pigs: Woman and the Rise of Raunch Culture By Ariel Levy Throughout the 20 th century woman have become objects to men instead of people. In today’s world woman are exposed constantly. By turning on the television people can see woman naked on playboy or in a Playboy magazine. Men can go to strip clubs and pay woman to get naked and dance for them. In t.v. series like Girls Gone Wild, teen woman dance around naked to amuse there audience. In Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy, the author goes on a quest to find out whether woman in these positions are empowered and brave or just stupid and foolish. Throughout the book Levy finds examples of woman parading around showing themselves off. She also uses examples that she had encountered during her years growing up. She even traces back conflicts during the woman’s rights movement where woman couldn’t do anything because of men. Now they parade around naked for entertainment. Levy believes that today’s culture has embraced females as being sexual and their job to excite and thrill men. Women have done this by altering their bodies believing that it’s what’s on the outside that counts. Women have confused sexual power to a point where they believe this is what feminism is all about. Many women can be broken up into two groups. Some are called post feminists or new feminists, these women support the woman movement of expressing themselves. Then there are woman like Ariel Levy who are very confused about this new feminist movement and don’t understand how woman feel empowered by showing themselves off. Unfortunately the new feminist group has expanded throughout society. It affects all different parts of the American Culture. It can be seen from celebrities all the way to young woman.
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female chauvinist pigs - Female Chauvinist Pigs Woman and...

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