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food memories - meatballs She would get the meat put some...

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Food Memory A memory of mine that deals with food happened when I was younger. My family is Italian so usually we have a big dinner on Sundays. The dinner is always around 2:00 o’clock. So every Sunday morning when I woke up I would smell something cooking. I would go down stairs and my mom would be cooking her homemade sauce for spaghetti and meatballs. She would have three pots on the stove cooking all the foods. The whole house would fill up with my mom’s homemade sauce. I always knew when my mom was cooking her homemade sauce and when it was store bought. The smell of the homemade sauce was so much stronger because of the ingredients she would put in it. She was almost finished because she had been in the kitchen all morning. The steam from the sauce and spaghetti filled the kitchen with all these fantastic smells. After my mom was done with the spaghetti she started working on her homemade
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Unformatted text preview: meatballs. She would get the meat put some onions and other stuff in it for flavor, and then she would roll them up into balls. Once she had them ready she would put them in a pot and start cooking them. After awhile of waiting everything seemed almost done. She emptied the extra water from the spaghetti into the sink and then would mix it with the sauce. She always kept the meatballs separate because my sister wasn’t a fan of them. Once she had all the food prepared. I usually helped her put the plates on the table just so we could eat sooner. Then my family would all come in and give my mom their plates. She then would pill the food onto our plates; it always looked and smelled delicious. Then once everybody had their food my mom would finally sit down and we would all start eating together, and enjoy her great meal....
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