my favorite meal - A Traditional Christmas Dinner Every...

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A Traditional Christmas Dinner Every Christmas day my family gets together to spend the holidays with each other. My entire family gathers at my house to exchange gifts and eat enough food to feed an army. This tradition has been going on for as long as I can remember. My mom makes the same meal on Christmas every year, and it is definitely one of, if not, my favorite meal. She makes her homemade lasagna with her traditional sauce. It is the best part of Christmas other than the gifts. The reason my mom makes lasagna, and not a traditional ham, is because my family members are true Italians with very traditional tastes. Of course, that means pasta is always the meal of choice. Another reason she makes this meal is because it can be made in advance so that she may participate in the day. This meal is very special in many ways. My mom makes amazing lasagna and she only makes it on special occasions such as Christmas. Everyone in my family loves eating it, and it always tastes delicious. It really brings my whole family together for the holiday. Lasagna takes awhile to prepare and make, so my mom usually gets started before Christmas. I can tell when my mom starts to prepare it. She usually starts making her lasagna about two days before Christmas. I am usually sitting in my room relaxing and I can hear and smell my mom preparing the lasagna. I hear her chopping the onions and various other ingredients. I can hear the onions and garlic sizzling in the frying pan. The sausage, meatballs, and braciole are then added to the frying pan. Next the tomato sauce is added and finally everything comes together to cook for about three hours.
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my favorite meal - A Traditional Christmas Dinner Every...

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