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Nickel and Dimed Critical Review In the novel Nickel and Dimed the author Barbara Ehrenreich goes undercover as a low wage worker in order to find out how hard it is to survive in America. Throughout the novel she argues how woman entering the workforce due to welfare reform are going to make it at the dangerously low wages available to them. She talks about how minimum wage employees don’t get enough money for the amount of time there working. Since they there jobs don’t provide them with enough money these people usually can’t live normal lives. With the wages that these employees get they aren’t able to live in a normal house, provide for their families, and aren’t able to afford healthy foods. During her experiment Ehrenreich went from three different cities trying to find a low paying job and trying to find an affordable place to live. She worked full time and was only trying to pay the rent at the end of the month at every place she was living at. Before Ehrenreich started her experiment she gave herself some limits. Where ever she goes she will always have a car, she will never be homeless and she will not go hungry. Ehrenreich wants to know how long she’ll last before she will not be able to pay for the simple necessities in life. Ehrenreich begins her experiment in Key West, Florida by trying to find a place to work and live. After searching for some time she finds a job waitressing in a Key West restaurant. She was also able to find an affordable apartment. Before she was able to start the job she had to go through the hiring process. This meant she had to fill out many multiple choice forms and take a urine test. Once she got the job she started working very long hours for low wages.
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nickel and dimed review - Nickel and Dimed Critical Review...

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