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Business Case Analysis #12 Ann Corrigan, the Dean of the Business School, recently had a meeting pertaining to having standardized course presentations over faculty empowerment in the classroom. Faculty empowerment means that professors have the right to be creative and flexible. The material for the class can be changed by the professor in a way they believe benefits the students. Standardized course presentations deal with teaching the course material a specific way rarely changing it. Both methods have been used in various universities. They each have their pros and cons, and each have implications of power/politics. Lately a few universities have been switching from faculty empowerment to standardized courses. Colleges are becoming more competitive and have had an impact on faculty empowerment. In the past universities focused on the same material and specific types of students, but now the education market has grown immense. Even though universities are making this change, it is not always beneficial. When moving from faculty empowerment to a more standardization of instruction many issues still may arise. Instructor empowerment allows professor’s flexibility when dealing with the content taught in the course, selecting specific assignments, and designing activities. The pros of faculty empowerment allow the teacher more freedom to teach the class in a way that they feel is best appropriate for the students/adult learners. Faculty empowerment has been seen most successful in the presence of adult learners for a few reasons. One of the first reasons faculty empowerment is a positive teaching method is because for adult learners course variation helps them learn the unique opportunities that tap their work experiences. Another positive reason is that it allows the professor to be responsive and flexible. An example of this would be if there was a recent news event that pertained to the class, but not on
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the current material. The professor has the ability to bring it up and relate it to a different chapter than the one he was scheduling to teach. Sometimes it takes a professor longer to teach a class because of difficult material. Other times students are not as interested in a certain topic so it
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OB Essay 2 - Business Case Analysis #12 Ann Corrigan, the...

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