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quote of the day 1 - time because he never really had...

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Quote of the Day Quote: “We ordered vegetable dumplings with ginger sauce, a ginseng-ginger soup, ginger broccoli tofu with red peppers, and something called the Pineapple Festival – the dish most laden with ginger” (Gihring 164). This quote is meaningful to the reading because it talks about a person named Tim Gihring ordering food in a restaurant. Since the book is all about food this quote goes perfect with that. Tim went to a place called Ginger Asian Bistro. When he got there he found out that almost everything there is served with ginger. Also he found out that ginger is the most vulnerable aphrodisiac. He finds out a lot about ginger, how it’s important, and how it can help the body’s circulatory system. He ordered a bunch of different foods with ginger which are listed in the quote. Everything on the menu came with ginger. He was trying everything for the first
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Unformatted text preview: time, because he never really had ginger put on many different types of meals. Tim is a food critic and as part of his job, he is meant to critique the food in the restaurant. He seems to enjoy it very much. Everything that he ordered off the menu, he loved. All of the food he ordered was met with positive reception, which is why he gave the restaurant a great review. Tim learned how fantastic food tastes with ginger. He enjoyed the food a lot. Unlike other restaurants in the book that other critics said were bad, Tim Gihring enjoyed the Ginger Asian Bistro. It had varied types of food like ginseng soup, ginger broccoli tofu, and vegetable dumplings in ginger sauce. It seemed to be a unique type of restaurant since it made everything with ginger. From Tim’s review it sounds like the Ginger Asian Bistro is a good place to catch a bite to eat....
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