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quote of the day 2 - talking dog The talking dog would make...

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Quote of the Day 2 “According to the CME Kidcom Ad Traction Study II, released at the 1999 Kids’ Marketing Conference in San Antonio, Texas, the Taco Bell commercials featuring a talking Chihuahua were the most popular fast food ads. The kids in the survey also like Pepsi and Nike commercials, but their favorite television ad was for Budweiser” (Schlosser 43). Throughout the years fast food chains along with other companies have started putting their products on TV commercials and they have affected children in a great way. Fast Food Nation is a book that shows people the evils of certain foods and the food corporations. Around the time that fast food became popular around the country the companies started making commercials that would appeal to the youth of America. McDonald’s along with all other fast food restaurants have made commercials to catch kid’s attention. They want to get the kids to eat and buy their food. Taco Bell was probably voted the most popular commercial because it had a
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Unformatted text preview: talking dog. The talking dog would make the kids pay attention and make them want to buy the food. The quote I chose kind of scares me because statistics showed that kids chose Budweiser as their favorite commercial overall. At the same time I still remember the Budweiser commercial’s from when I was younger. I remember watching the frogs croaking Budweiser. It’s terrible to think that young children are subject to beer commercials at such an early age and can remember what they saw on T.V. Its bad enough they remember the fast food commercials and force their parents to get them the food, which I terrible for their bodies. Certain businesses shouldn’t be allowed to advertise their products on T.V. or at least on children networks. Children need to be taught what is healthy and right. They shouldn’t be subjected to wrongful images like beer commercials....
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quote of the day 2 - talking dog The talking dog would make...

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