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Quote of the Day 3 “The injury rate of teenage workers in the United States is about twice as high as that of adult workers. Teenagers are far more likely to be untrained, and every year, about 200,000 are injured on the job” (Schlosser 83). Since the time that fast food restaurants opened they have been looking for a way to pay their employees the least amount of money possible. Fast food companies only care about how much money they are getting. That’s why they cook food the way they do, because it comes out fast and people like it. In today’s world most fast food employees are teenagers. Most of these teenagers are working ridiculous hours and are pained minimum wage. None of the fast food restaurants train their employees either. They just put them at a station and tell them to look at the picture diagrams and figure it out themselves. All the fast food companies care about are making money they could careless how that is achieved as long as it’s done.
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Unformatted text preview: Injuries happen in fast food restaurants more often than normal restaurants because the employees arent trained well enough. Teenagers are getting injured every year in fast food restaurants because the management doesnt bother to train them. So teenagers are getting hurt by either the machines or by slipping or maybe burning themselves. I think its terrible that after all the teenagers that have gotten injured in the past years that these places still dont train their employees how to work in a safe environment. It should be mandatory for managers to train their employees. If managers refuse to train their employees then the employees should unionize or the government should step in and make some regulations. When I go to a place like McDonalds I can tell that sometimes the employees dont always know what theyre doing. Something needs to be done so the injury rate decreases....
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