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Quote of the Day 4 “The small and elite group of scientists who create most of the flavor in most of the food now consumed in the United States are called flavorists” (Schlosser). In today’s world there are many different types of scientist. There are biologist, chemist, psychologist, etc. There are now people called flavorists. There job is to use their nose and taste buds to make sure certain foods taste great. Fast food restaurants are always competing with each other to have the best tasting burgers, fries, and chicken. They don’t care if the food is healthy all they care about is if the food tastes good. If the costumers like the food they don’t care how it is prepared as long as it tastes good to them. Fast food companies hire these flavorists to taste there food and tell if it’s good. A flavorist decides whether the food is good or not. They decide what makes up the food like the amount of salt used or the amount of fat.
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Unformatted text preview: They even decide how crispy a french fry will come out. Basically the flavorists are the people who are approving the unhealthy food just because it tastes good. It’s pretty ridiculous that there are people called flavorists who consider themselves scientists. These people have the job of just eating the food before it is added to the restaurant menu. These flavorists should not only take into affect how the food tastes. They should make sure the food is healthy too. They should make the food taste good and be healthy. Even if the food doesn’t taste great as long as it’s healthy people will still eat it. These flavorists should deny food that is not healthy for the consumer. It’s time that these people change the way they do their job and start thinking about the health of the American citizen....
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