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EECS_70B_70LB_Syllabus_Spring_2011+revised - Spring 2011...

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Spring 2011 EECS 70B/70LB: Network Analysis II & Lab (4 Units, 1 Unit) Course Syllabus for EECS 70B Class website: http://eee.uci.edu/11s/18090 Instructor: Prof. Henry P. Lee, 2231 EG e-mail: [email protected] Lecture Lect. MWF 9:00 to 9:50pm, DBH 1600 Instructor’s Office Hour: TBA Discussions: Tu 9-10pm, ICF 103, Tu. 10-11am, ICF 103 Teaching Assistants: Ziggy Fan, [email protected] Edwin Chiem, [email protected] Grader: Michael Bui Tentative Coverage: : 1. 70A in a nutshell (Review quiz, Thevenin & Norton representations, Op. Amp, phasors, sinusoidal steady-state analysis): (1 week, chap 1-10) 2. Diode, Transistors and Load Line analysis (1 week, handouts) 3. Sinusoidal steady-state & AC power analysis (1 week, 11.2-11.7) 4. Frequency Response (3 weeks, 14.2 through 14.8; 17.4) 5. Laplace transform and applications (3.5 weeks, 15.2-15.5; 16.2-16.4) 6. Two port networks (if time allows, 19.2-19.7) Discussion section : Discussion is mandatory. During the discussion, the TA will (i) answer your questions, and (ii) discuss additional examples or solve selected homework problems. Your participation in the discussion will be counted towards your grade. Homework: Weekly homework will be due on Wed. in lecture. We will drop the lowest homework in calculating your grade. Late homework will not be accepted.
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