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EECS 70B Spring 2011 Due on Wed week 2 Homework 1 (problem number refer to Alexander and Sadiku, both 3 rd and 4 th editions) Problem with * superscript will be discussed in Discussion 1. Inverting Operational Amplifier (Op Amp): 5.17 Does the load 10k load resistor connected at the V o of the Op Amp change V o ? If you think V o as voltage provided by this Op Amp source port, what is the Rs of the source? 2. Non-inverting Op Am: 5.26 Determine io. Use R1=8k , R2=2k , R3=5k and V s =0.4V 3. Summing Circuit: 5.38. Find V o . Use R1=25k , R2=20k , R3=10k Ω, R4=50k , and R5=50k Ω; V1=19mV, V2=20mV, V3=50mV, and V4=100mV 4. Summing Circuit: 5.40 5*. Impedance Calculation & Steady-state Response: 9.38. Find i(t) and v(t) For part (a), Use i s (t)=10cos(3t+45 o ) Amp, R=4 , C=(1/6)F For part (b), Use v s (t)=50cos(4t) Volt, R1=4 ,R2=8 ,C=(1/12)F, and L=3H.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Impedance Calculation: 9.62 (note that the Z i ( ϖ ) is generally a function of frequency) 7*. Finding Unknown Circuit Element: 9.90 (check the knobs of a digital voltmeter next time in the lab) 8. Source Transformation for AC circuit: 10.49 9. Source Transformation for AC Circuit: 10.53 (circuit like 10.53 consisting of sequence of parallel and series elements are called ladder circuits ) 10. Thevenin Equivalent Circuit without Dependent Source: 10.58 11*. Op Amp Integrator: 10.70. Find V o (t) Vs (t)=2cos (4x10 4 t) Volt, R1=50k Ω , R2=100k Ω ,C=10nF. 12*.Op Amp Integrator with Feedback Resistor: 10.71 (Use both phasor and differential equation methods to solve this problem. For the differential equation, method, apply KVL method at node V- of the Op Amp)...
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