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Tentative+Coverage+and+Schedule - filter Examples Lab 4...

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EECS 70B, 70LB Spring 2011 Tentative Schedule & Coverage Week Lecture Discussion Lab 1 Beginning on 3/28/11 Review: Review quiz, Op Amp, Review of Complex number & functions and more. Introducing mathematica Question from Review Quiz, Hw 1, Phasors No Lab. Will introduce Mathematica on Tu2-3pm and Wed 2-3pm at EH 1131. 2 Nonlinear circuit: Diode and load line analysis method ( supplementary notes on Diode) Examples & Hw 1 Lab1: Review of Lab Administration/grading policy, Sample Reports Lab 2: Op Amp Circuits 3 Transformer, Sinusoidal Steady- state analysis Examples Lab 3. Diode Circuits I 4 Frequency response,
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Unformatted text preview: filter Examples Lab 4. Diode Circuits II 5 Frequency response, filter Examples Lab 5. Wein-Bridge Op Amp Oscillator 6 (Midterm Exam on Friday) Frequency response, filter Examples Lab 6. First and Second Order Circuits 7 Frequency response, filter/Laplace transform Examples Lab 7. Active Filter Design (this is a design project on PSPICE) 8 Laplace transform Examples Lab 8. AM Transmission of i-Pod Music I 9 holiday on Monday Application of Laplace transform Examples No Lab 10 Application of Laplace transform Examples Lab 10. AM Transmission of i-Pod Music II...
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