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Ladies or Tigers: The Eighth Trial “There are no signs above the doors!” exclaimed the prisoner. “Quite true”, said the king. “The signs were just made, and I haven’t had time to put them up yet.” “Then how do you expect me to choose?” demanded the prisoner. “Well, here are the signs” replied the king. This room contains a tiger. Both rooms contain tigers. “That’s all well and good”, said the prisoner anxiously, “but which sign goes on which door?” The king thought awhile. “I needn’t tell you”, he said. “You can solve this problem without that information.” “Only remember, of course”, he added, “that a lady in the lefthand room means the sign which should be on that door is true and a tiger in it means the sign should be false, and that the reverse is true for the righthand room.” What is the solution? Mathematics for Computing COMP SCI 1FC3 McMaster University, Winter 2012 Wolfram Kahl kahl@cas.mcmaster.ca 2 February 2012
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Plan for Today Textbook Chapter 8: Predicate Calculus Section 8.1: Typing Textbook Chapter 3: Propositional Calculus Conjunction
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CS1FC3-slides-2012-02-02_2up_letter - Ladies or Tigers: The...

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