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McMaster University Department of Computing and Software Dr. W. Kahl COMP SCI 1FC3 Sheet 4 COMP SCI 1FC3 — Mathematics for Computing 26 January 2012 Exercise 4.1 Prove Identity of (3.30), p false p , by transforming its more structured side into its simpler side. Theorem (3.15) may be a suitable way to introduce an equivalence. Exercise 4.2 Prove the following using the heuristic of DeFnition elimination (3.23) — eliminate (using its deFnition, the Golden rule (3.35), p q p q p q ) and manipulate. (a) Prove Symmetry of (3.36), p q q p (b) Prove Zero of (3.40), p false false Exercise 4.3 (a) Prove Contradiction (3.42) p ∧¬ p false (b) Prove Absorption (3.43a) p ( p q ) p (c) Prove Absorption (3.43b) p ( p q ) p (d) Prove Distributivity of over (3.45) p ( q r ) ( p q ) ( p r ) Exercise 4.4 — Ladies or Tigers: The First Trial — Will be discussed in the Wednesday lecture
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