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NEEP 411: HW#1 Reactor Heat Generation Due: Friday, September 23 rd , 2011 1. 4-8, El-Wakil; Note: In the problem statement, it says the maximum neutron flux is 10 13 . This needs to have units to be meaningful, so make it 10 13 n/cm 2 s. 2. 4-10, El-Wakil; Note: The core coolant inlet temperature is given, but we need to know the temperature of the moderator in the middle of the core. We need this to obtain an appropriate thermal fission cross-section to use in an expression linking
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Unformatted text preview: peak power density to maximum thermal neutron flux in the core. 3. 4-11, El-Wakil Note: The different geometry of the core (cube or parallelpiped instead of right circular cylinder) means there is a different 3D peaking factor. That 3D factor should be ( π /2) 3 , not π /2 × ν o /(2J 1 ( ν o )). 4. 4-14, El-Wakil...
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