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sadker8_rap_4_10 - 6 What emphasis does this district place...

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Information Interview 1. What is the school district looking for in a teacher- candidate? 2. Are there any special training or experience beyond state certification that the district looks for or requires? 3. In what subject areas and at what grade levels does the district have the greatest need? 4. What should a teacher-candidate know about the students and families in this district? 5. How are teachers evaluated in this district?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What emphasis does this district place on standardized tests? 7. What is the average class in this district? 8. Does the district have a mentor program for new teachers, and if so how does it work? 9. What is the process for applying to this district? 10. Are there any additional suggestions for gaining employment in this district?...
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