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CLAS exam 1 study guide - Chapter 1 Zeus-the sky god name...

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Chapter 1: Zeus- the sky god name means bright or shining Mnemosyne- personification of memory Muses- Zeus 9 daughters that were the inspiration of Hesiod’s Theogony and the patrons of literature and the fine arts Heinrich Schliemann- the person who found the site of Troy. His work helped support the idea that Homer’s Iliad and the Aeneid reflect actual historical events. Linear A, Linear B-. Minoan Civilization- Indo-European Civilization- Mycenaean Civilization- Prehistoric Ages- Dark Ages- Lecture 3 Hesiod – Greek poet and author of the Theogony as well as Works and Days Gaia – original Earth goddess (Mother), produces and mates with her son Uranus (sky) to produce the Titans Titans – 12 of them, Race of giant gods born to Gaea and Uranus, overthrown and imprisoned in Tartarus by Zeus Theogony ("Birth of the Gods") – Creation story written by Hesiod Eros(Cupid) – god of love and sexual desire, represented either as an unbegotten primal force (Hesiod) or as the son of Ares and Aphrodite (Homer) Kyklopes (Cyclopes) – 1) The three sons of Gaea and Uranus: Brontes (Thunder), Steropes (Lightning), Arges (Thunderbolt); released from Tartarus by Zeus where they were held by Cronus and enlisted their help in defeating the Titans 2) In the Odyssey, race of savage, one-eyed giants who lived in caves on Sicily 3 generations - 1st Ouranos+ Gaia 2nd Kronos + Rhea 3rd Zeus + Hera Tartaros - Subterranean abyss, below Hades’s realm, titans confined here. forms of evolution 1. Chaos ("Gap") ------->Cosmos ("Beautiful Order") 2. Darkness ---------------->Light 3. Gaia ----------------------->Zeus (mother comes first, then male) 4. Female -------------------> Male  5. Despotism ---------------> Politics of shared power- (all power- Zeus shares  power) 6. Repression of children --------> Proliferation of Children (repress kids- Zeus has  many) 7. Natural ------------------>Anthropocentric (e.g. mountains, rivers)-------> (Zeus —Themis>Good Order, Justice, Peace) 8. Violence ----------------->Civilization parthenogenesis - the ability to have children from yourself, without a partner, asexual
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Chaos- empty space, yawning chasm (in hesiod), one of the four Ouranos (Uranus) Hundred-Handers (Hecatoncheires) anthropomorphism - is any attribution of human characteristics (or characteristics assumed to belong only to humans) to animals, non-living things, phenomena, material states, objects or abstract concepts, such as spirits or deities . patriarchy- a political system where the male leadership and values rule pregnancy envy- the idea that males were jealous of or fear the creative powers of women. Ouranus- not letting the the babies be born, sky, gets castrated Zeus- swallows Metis out fear that her offspring might overthrow him. the reason why Zeus gives birth to one of his kids and why the power shifts from the women
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CLAS exam 1 study guide - Chapter 1 Zeus-the sky god name...

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