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CLAS final study guide - Antigone ("Against Birth") Tragic...

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Antigone ("Against Birth") Tragic heroine who isolates herself from womanhood and humanity altogether She rejected the socially correct role laid out for women. By rejected marriage and womanhood altogether, Antigone really is transforming to a masculine figure. Greek myths don’t make female more important than male authority, so even though she becomes a masculine figure, her interest was still defending for a man, her brother. Embraces death, marries death Creon ("Ruler") obsession with law and order, King of Thebes Eurydice wife of Orpheus, got bit by a snake and went to the underworld Eteocles and Polyneices – brothers of Antigone, quarreled over the rule of Thebes and killed each other. Haemon ("Blood") son of Creon, Antigone’s fiance, killed himself after Antigone died Ismene – Antigone’s sister, timid to bury Polyneices at first, later offered to help but was rejected by Antigone Tiresias – blind prophet who kept appearing in the plays to warn Thebes’s kings "Help your friends, hurt your enemies" Heroine as: helper-maiden, hero-impersonator, and bride of death Procne -wife of Tereus, avenaged on her husband by killing their son and served it as a meal to Tereus. Tereus – raped Philomela, his wife’s sister, and cut Philomela’s tongue out Philomela – weaves the crim to inform her sister about the rape Itys – Procne and Tereus’s poor son, killed and cooked Cassandra No one believes her words. An example of women telling myth. Helen tells tales about men and their glories designed for a male audience Thetis protective mother, make her son a hero, support men Medea kill her son as resentment toward husband Jason. Women revenge and becomes irrational monsters when they are denied equality and justice Amazons ”without a breast”. Women in control, equivalent to men Bacchae play in which the enchanted mother torn her son apart thinking it was a lion Pygmalion scultpted the perfect woman and fell in the love with her, prayed to Venus to turn the statue to a real woman Galatea is Pygmalion’s statue, turned into a real woman and married Pygmalion Woder Woman, the Amazon Princess Antiope the only married Amazon, became wife of Theseus (king of Athens) when Heraclues went to rob Hippolyte ’s girdle Amazons’ attack on Athens to get back the girdle and Antiope Achilles killed Penthesileia Amazon queen who fought bravely in the Trojan War matriarchy – how the society of Amazons is ruled by women. Fathers and male children are not important. This upset the Greeks who had patriarchy. Xena the warrior princess the role Amazons played in Athenian ideology and propaganda Put Amazons in America to represent a distant new land away from the Greek world Euripides an Athenia playwright, wrote the play Medea Medea granddaughter of sun god Helios, married Jason but was betrayed, killed their son to revenge on Jason Colchis
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CLAS final study guide - Antigone ("Against Birth") Tragic...

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