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Nancy Shaba WS 3010-Fish 15 Nov 2011 Women’s Sexuality Discussion Question 1. The chapter suggests that women’s sexuality is often not about their sexual pleasure or rights and is instead about women as objects of sexual satisfaction to men. It also suggests that women’s virtue is equated with virginity and that there is a sexual double standard where men’s sexual prowess is expected and encouraged and women’s is negatively stereotyped. In what ways are these things true of your culture? This is very true in my culture. I am Chaldean and in our culture, men are expected to have sex with as many girls as they want, even though they are Catholic. When the men are ready to get married, they will not marry a girl unless she is a virgin. I have a cousin who married a girl and then got a divorce a month after the wedding just because he saw that she was not a virgin. When
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Unformatted text preview: a girl has sex in my culture, they are labeled as a “whore” or a “slut” and usually do not end up getting married to someone in the same culture because most Chaldean men only marry virgins. Men are encouraged to date and have sex with many women while Chaldean women are expected to remain a virgin for their non-virgin husbands. I think this is so messed up; it truly does not make any sense. Men and women are definitely not equal in my culture. It is sad because I really do not see this changing anytime soon, it has been like this for years and years. I am personally choosing to remain a virgin until I get married because of personal reasons, not because women who are having pre-marital sex are frowned upon in my culture....
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