English Profile - One Sure Path to Success By: Nancy Shaba...

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One Sure Path to Success By: Nancy Shaba Ashli Bradley has her eye on the prize. And the prize is a bachelor’s degree. When I first met Ashli, I thought she was very sweet and quiet. After talking to her and learning about what brought her to college, I realized what a truly inspirational person she is. Ashli, who is nineteen, is not your typical Wayne State University student. She is an aspiring social worker who believes that attending school will help her pursue her dreams. Although each and every student at Wayne State University has a unique story of how they ended up on their current educational path, Ashli’s is especially interesting. Bradley began her life in a situation of struggle. “My parents were on drugs. As a child, my parents could not take care of me, my sisters, and my brothers,” Ashli said, wincing at the memory. With both parents addicted to drugs, her early childhood was not always an easy one. As a child, she did not understand what was going on with her family but as she became older, she realized the truth. She had to find things out on her own, which was hard for Ashli. However, she has her grandmother to thank for pulling her out of a tough life and providing her with a much more stable home environment. "I was adopted because my parents were on drugs so my grandmother took me and my nine siblings’ in,” recalls Ashli. “After she
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English Profile - One Sure Path to Success By: Nancy Shaba...

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