English Profile 2 - Nancy Shaba Josh Olsen Eng 1010...

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Nancy Shaba Josh Olsen Eng 1010 10/04/11 Celebrating a Good Heart Distant thoughts, loud prayers, and a deep sense of grief were the sound of a family, church, and community experiencing pure devastation and helplessness. These emotions erupted when an irreplaceable man was taken from this earth suddenly, and without warning. He is a man of victory, values, and virtue. This person has been in my life since the day I first opened my eyes. This person was a guide, and a source of strength and support to many people. He is someone I look up to. This person means the world to me, so who is this amazing person? He is my one and only uncle. Most of the memories I have of my uncle Wally involve some type of joke, or impersonation. He had a heart that cared for everyone. My Uncle Wally was one of the most interesting people you could imagine. He was born in Iraq on June 6, 1964. “Wally was a really smart kid, he was the jokester in the house, and loved going to school,” recalls Sam, Wally’s older brother. When he was just nineteen years old, he immigrated to the United States of America with one of his friends so he could start a new life there. His goal was to make enough money to support and bring the rest of his family to America, where it was much safer. Wally used money he had saved up and built his first business, a video store, in Detroit from the ground up. His business was a success, so he quickly started opening more businesses all around Michigan. He met a woman named Sarah while he was studying business at Oakland Community College. Wally was immediately drawn to her and asked her out. “It was love at first
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sight. He was very sweet, and funny, that is what I loved about him,” Sarah says with a laugh.
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English Profile 2 - Nancy Shaba Josh Olsen Eng 1010...

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