Com1010 Chapter 6 Activity

Com1010 Chapter 6 Activity - COM 1010|People Watching...

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COM 1010|People Watching Observation Assignment Name: Nancy Shaba Location of observations: Partridge Creek Mall Time of observations: 1:10pm-1:40pm Session #: 1 Observations: I went to Partridge Creek mall on October 12, 2011 at 1:10 p.m. I noticed a young woman who looks like she’s in her early twenties sitting on the white bench in the middle of the mall. She is wearing brown cowboy boots, dark wash jeans, and a black leather jacket. She has a Louis Vuitton purse, an IPhone, and multiple shopping bags all around her. Her facial expression was angry; she had both of her eyebrows down. She had her head down and her foot was shaking. I hear her on the phone and she is talking very loudly. I am close enough to hear snippets of her conversation with the person on the phone. She screamed, “I can’t believe you would do this to me, unbelievable!” The young woman continued her phone conversation for 20 more minutes and was shaking her head left and right. She quickly stood up and started walking in circles. She hung up the phone and put the phone in her purse. A few minutes later, a female approached her. This girl was wearing ballet flats, black sunglasses, dark wash jeans, and a Michigan State sweatshirt. She had a black purse on her right shoulder and a Blackberry in her hand. She was smiling when she approached the young woman and greeted her with a hug. Girl #1’s expression totally changed. She was smiling and saying hello to who I assume is her friend, who also looked like she was in her
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Com1010 Chapter 6 Activity - COM 1010|People Watching...

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