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Com1010 Chapter 7 Activity

Com1010 Chapter 7 Activity - Nancy Shaba Com 1010-Millard...

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Nancy Shaba Com 1010-Millard 29 October 2011 COM 1010 | Chapter 7 “Language and Power in Our Cultural Lives” Activity As a means to get you thinking about Chapter 7 go through popular media and find an image, an advertisement, etc., which demonstrates how language either through textual or visual representation(s) relates to power. Bring your image into class along with your responses to these questions. Have your responses typed and printed for class. • Reactions (What do you think?) I think it’s a funny picture about being politically correct. • Why you chose this piece? It described words and power in a great way. It tells us to use our words wisely because the power to offend people. • What do you think the message is? I think the message is to think twice about the term you use to describe a certain type of person because it can be very offensive. • What makes you think this is the message about your piece? The first guy says “you’re the depressed guy, right?” and the second guy answers back and says “how
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