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Nancy Shaba Com 1010- Millard 10/06/11 COM 1010 Discussion Prompts Chapter 5 Please type up and print your responses to these questions. Answer in full and complete sentences, write at least 4-6 sentences for your responses. This will help facilitate our discussion of chapter 5. Due at the beginning of class. 1. How are the words/terms/concepts of gay marriage different than marriage equality ? Why/how are these different? What are the impacts of this? Gay marriage is a derogatory phrase by people opposed to same sex marriage and carries its own history and power. People use the term gay marriage as a way to dismiss the meaning depth, and validity of LGBTQ relationships. When you name their desire “gay marriage” without having to understand the implications for choosing the name instead of others, it is rude and offensive. If you said gay marriage to someone who was not gay they would take it less offensively but you do not know everyone’s background so you have to choose words carefully.
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