Speech 3 - Nancy Shaba Com 1010-Speech 2 8 Nov 2011 Do You...

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Nancy Shaba Com 1010-Speech 2 8 Nov 2011 Do You Think There Is Life On Another Planet? Are we alone in the universe, or is there other life out there? This is a question that we have all asked ourselves at one point or another. The majority of people would tell you that they have had at least one experience with the supernatural. That could be anything from possibly seeing a ghost to spotting an unidentified object in the sky. I personally believe it would be very close minded to believe that Earth is the only planet with life on it. The number of galaxies in the universe is unimaginable. There are over fifty billion galaxies that are visible with a telescope and there could be billions more that we are unable to see. I believe that the more of our universe we see, the more we will realize that at least one, if not more, of these far away planets probably support life. Our universe is only one in a billion and we haven't even been able to travel to our 3 closest galaxies to see if there is life. If there is life on other planets, they are most likely wondering if we exist too. Technology is too limited to verify the existence (or non-existence) of life but I think that it is likely that there is something else, somewhere out. I have no idea what it would look like and it could be so different that when we come across it, we may not even process it as "life". Or we may never come across it. If there is life elsewhere it would be one of the most amazing discoveries of all time. If there isn’t, it would be as equally mind-bending to
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Speech 3 - Nancy Shaba Com 1010-Speech 2 8 Nov 2011 Do You...

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