English Essay - The Park Give your essay a title Don't...

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The Park Give your essay a title. Don’t underline it. It was completely surrounded by streets, boxed in, as if it were stuck in rush hour traffic. The houses that face it are like clones of one another, and are lined up like school kids waiting in the cafeteria lunch line. Tall maple trees jut out from the ground in almost every yard, their roots exposed from the eroding soil, heaving the sidewalks. My house was within spitting distance of it, which was good because I spent most of my waking hours there. It belonged to the kids that ran those streets, the ones born to the neighborhood, kids like me. It was called Gaffke Park, and it was my home away from home. The park was about the length of a football field. Tall, choppy grass stretched from one side to the other. The fences were riddled with gritty rust spots that stained *your hands as *you climbed up their tall vine woven chain links.*Please do not use the ‘you’ pronoun in the essays you write this term. Sparse patches of weeds grew out from the two neglected baseball diamonds that occupied a quarter of its size. An abandoned tennis court, now used for a skating rink, was tucked away in the far southwest corner of it. A dome-like jungle gym sat in the middle of the playground, surrounded by a shiny metallic slide, a warped wooden sandbox, net-less
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English Essay - The Park Give your essay a title Don't...

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