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Sometimes people chose to show their morals over choosing their wealth. In Lorraine Hansberry's book, A Raisin in the Sun, Walter Younger learns to understand the importance of family values and morals. After Mama, the matriach of the family, puts a down payment on a house in an entirely white neighborhood, Walter has to make the decision to move his family there or to accept the much needed money from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association. A representative of the association offers the Youngers a deal to reconsider moving into his all-white neighborhood. Walter denied the offer and moved his family. I believe Walter made the right decision in moving his family to Clybourne Park. First, I'd like to point out a reason why I think Walter made the right decision for his family. My first reason is that the family wants to live there. The whole family is proud of Walter's decision, realizing that he has finally stood up like a man, much like his father would have done. Ruth, his wife, is particularly pleased. Not only is she proud of her husband, but she is also excited to finally
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