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GEOG 1000 - Lecture 2 - Sept. 14, 2011

GEOG 1000 - Lecture 2 - Sept. 14, 2011 - Unthinking...

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Unthinking the “Country of Africa” and Images of an African Other - Sub-Saharan Africa is everything south of the Sahara desert Popular Stereotypes of Africa - Stereotype of war and conflict…genocide etc. - Assumed that war takes place in Africa - DISCOURSE – A collection of words such as violent, dark, chaotic that come along with images that create our understanding of Africa - Poverty and hunger - Assumed that there is not enough food and drought constantly - Disease – AIDS etc. Africa is portrayed where your bodily health is assumed at risk (stereotype) - “The Dark continent” - Landscape of wilderness - Assumed as vast savannah - People don’t fit into this stereotype unless they are tourists or primitive people Main themes for Africa Section - Popular images of Sub-Saharan Africa are inaccurate simplifications of a much more complicated story - Africa is not isolated from the rest of the world - Africa is not naturally poor, it was actively produced - Africa has wealth - Not a lot of middle class people - Addressing Africa’s challenges Unthinking the “Country of Africa” - Africa is a large continent
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