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GEOG 1000 - Lecture 8 - Oct. 5, 2011

GEOG 1000 - Lecture 8 - Oct. 5, 2011 - -Start trading...

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“Saving Africa” or Rethinking a Region Final Stereotype - Africa as victim passively waiting to be saved by us - Implies a “saviour” mentality The Saviour Mentality - “Keep a child alive” campaign - Takes a real tragedy and celebrities use it for their own benefit - Myth of the savage - Uzodinma Iweala – criticizes these ad campaigns, although they are well intentioned they tend to reproduce these bad stereotypes - “Stop trying to ‘save’ Africa!” Moving beyond victim Africa? - Still contain images of poverty but is a large improvement from the “I Am African” campaign - Adds countries other than Africa into the equation - Voice of an African is heard saying “and America” which has never been seen in other campaigns Rejecting the Saviour Mentality - Empowering rather than saving African-Led Projects - Regional integration: African governments bringing down economic borders
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Unformatted text preview: -Start trading within Africa-Regional economy-Trading locally creates a robust economy-African governments are doing this “Peace Parks”: Transfrontier Conservation Areas-Very big-Regional immigration-Removing of African border fences-Relocation of wildlife throughout different countries-Governments working on a joint project South Africas Truth and Reconciliation Commision-African model of justice and non-violent resolution-Investigated apartheid-era crimes and offered amnesty-Forgiveness national healing-Model for post-conflict societies around the world Civil Society/NGOs-Civil society – citizens, “the people”-NGO – non-governmental organizations-The solutions to challenges must include the people-Green Belt Movement – Dr. Maathai, plant trees, empower women, promotes biodiversity-Other projects...
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