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GEOG 1000 - Lecture 11 - Oct. 24, 2011

GEOG 1000 - Lecture 11 - Oct. 24, 2011 - The Global...

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The Global Constitution of the Oil Industry - Negative press for oil industry usually ecological effects - In Nigeria there were protests against major oil companies because it was effecting the minorities - We as consumers are directly linked to the oil industry Mexican Gulf - South-Eastern Mexico - US gulf coast states - Mexican oil industry dates back to 1800s - Major source of global oil - In the 1930s people expelled all the foreign oil companies - For various years it used oil nationally within its own space - Over the last 40 years Mexico has started to export oil Nigerian Delta - Over the last 20 years has been associated with oil with a high level of volatility - Occurs where there is farming and fishing - Much newer - Carried out by foreign oil companies - They have much less interest of what goes on in this area than a national company would - Tar sands are a new source of oil - Could be invested in renewable energy Natural Gas - Currently prices are down - Localized sources of gas -
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