POLS 1090 - Lecture 5 - Jan. 31, 2012

POLS 1090 - Lecture 5 - Jan. 31, 2012 - - Define and...

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- Define and discuss 2 out of a possible 4 terms - Terms that have played a major role in the lectures - Identify what that term means - Discuss the relevance of that term (broad to specific, up and down) - Connection to economic eras - Answer 1 essay question out of a possible 2 - More thematic - Based in these economic eras - Analytical answer - Focus - Important to consider weight - Section A – 40 percent - Section B – 60 percent - 110 minutes - Lectures 1-5 - Up until last week in readings - Focus on these economic eras - How those eras rise and fall - After 1945, there was a new set of international developments which led to what McMichael calls the development state - Pg. 51 defines the development state - State was crucial in mobilizing national resource for the development project based on modernization and industrialization - Building of social coalitions behind development - Legitimacy is built through incorporating various social groups into the benefits of development - Western advanced economies become the model by which these various economies in the third world would be modernized and industrialized - Balanced national development – economic nationalism – import-substitution, industrialization – use of import tariffs to protect domestic industry - Whole set of diverse economies which pursue different strategies for national development - The development state and development project - Interesting irony – the US role was portrayed as promoting free-market
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POLS 1090 - Lecture 5 - Jan. 31, 2012 - - Define and...

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