SOSC 1000 - Lecture 3 - Oct. 4, 2011

SOSC 1000 - Lecture 3 - Oct. 4, 2011 - -Old way is the...

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Tradition and Modernity - Modernity and progress = good/positive - Everything keeps on getting better and better Traditional (Hierarchal Society) - Family is the base unit, welfare, need of family always overrides the needs of the individuals/obligations to family are everything - The world is divided into us or them - Them is the potential threat, to not be trusted (outsiders of family) - Prestige is the capital of traditional society (respect for family) - Goal in life is to enhance the prestige of family - Obligations to family: marriage (arranged), sons - Wives become strangers to their families - Problems are dealt within the family - Crime: private matter - Sex: connected to human nature - Infidelity is allowed for men but not women - Death is a sin - Prestige based on occupation - Young differ to old - Wife differs to husband - Everyone differs to God - Supposed to know their place - Closed belief system
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Unformatted text preview: -Old way is the correct way-Don’t care about happiness Modern (Mass) Society-Modernity-Individual freedom is central-Modern people resent whatever restricts their freedom-Values ambition -Have money, leisure, freedom -Fear of being different-Prisoner of trends-Entitled to happiness-We live in the moment-Prestige based on life style, appearance The Great Transformation-Mass production-Communications-Common culture-End of ideology-Worth: the value or worth of a man is based upon his salary 2 Strands of Som-Social Democracy: money, social gospel movement, social consequences with industrialism -Marxism: capitalism is the most amazing thing created in order to create wealth, no som without capitalism, North Korea, Cuba, Social democrats are liberals in a hurry Increasing Complexity-World has become more complicated...
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SOSC 1000 - Lecture 3 - Oct. 4, 2011 - -Old way is the...

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