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SOSC 1000 - Lecture 8 - Nov. 16, 2011

SOSC 1000 - Lecture 8 - Nov. 16, 2011 - Work...

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Work & Class (Continued): Lecture 8 5. Conclude Labour & Law 6. No time for Perspectives on L&M 7. Westray . there are three kinds of labour laws . the oldest and most friendly to the employers is the individual contract of employment or common law . where there is no legislation, no collective agreement, the common law governs the relationship b/w employers and employees . much friendlier to the employer than employee…the workplace is the property of the employer and the they can ask the employee to leave when the urge leaves . the next type is minimum standards law and human rights legislation . it is the result of gov’t legislation that creates laws of such things like how long the employer can make u work without a break, hours per week, employment pay equity issues, . this applies to everyone in the paid workforce . collective bargaining law . deals with workplaces covered by a collective agreement . this is the most friendly to employees…it occurs in union . 1944 – the dawning of Keynesian period when this first raised . PC 1003—compulsory collective bargaining…union can sit down and both sides are compelled by the law to bargain in good faith . in 1967 – we get the number of workers employed by gov’t who are covered by this law . before it was for only private . . collective bargaining law in 1944—the gov’t starts to implement social legislation such as the baby bonus . Canada begins to deal with Keynesian policies . between 1944 and 1975 – collective bargaining laws grow and more and more workers are covered . gov’t continues to expand employee rights on the legislation . beginning of 1975 – when stagflation is a problem, this goes awry . there is an attack on organized labour that continues on till today . the gains have been rolled back…legislation makes it difficult to engage
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