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1st+day+lecture s10

1st+day+lecture s10 - Nutrition 11 Instructor Dr Applegate...

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Unformatted text preview: Nutrition 11 Instructor: Dr. Applegate Instructor: Dr. Applegate Head TA Kevin Comerford Teaching Assistants: Sri Krishnan Bret Rust Overview Course goals Office hours Assignments Grading & grading plan How to read scientific papers Types of research studies Tips for writing success First assignment Course Goals To be able to read, understand, and translate nutrition science into terms that a `typically educated adult' can easily understand Communicate about nutrition Scientific Literacy Provides GE Sci & Eng & Writing *No prerequisites *No textbook to purchase Oral Written Dr. Applegate (3215 Meyer): Mon/Wed 121:30pm Kevin (1334 Meyer): Mon/Wed 11:15am12:10pm Office Hours Bret (1334 Meyer): Tues 11am12pm, Wed 23pm Sri (1334 Meyer): Tues 34pm, Wed 910am Topic Preference Handout Serves as a record of your attendance today Fill in name, ID # Mark only your 1st and 2nd seminar preferences Please print legibly! Schedule of Main Assignments Assignment # 1: Short Report Read 1 research paper 250 word summary (1 pg) + 35 min oral presentation Assignment # 2: Seminar Report Read 1 research paper + background article 500 word summary (2 pg) + 57 min oral presentation Assignment # 3: Mini Term Paper Research your own topic of interest 1000 words (4 pages double spaced) NO FINAL!!! Grading Assignments (80%) MUST be typed 25% off for late Handwritten assignments will not be accepted for credit Accepted for 4 business days following due date No credit after 4 days! Participation and Attendance (20%) Active participation is important If you don't participate you probably won't get an A grade!!!! 5 points deducted for unexcused absences Excused = medical documentation Contact TA prior to class period Extra Credit (+8%) Points deducted for late arrival/early departure from class Online reading = 3 points (*VERY helpful for all assignments!) Library Session = 5 points (*VERY helpful for term paper!) (3 pts can be the difference in a whole letter grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) *C and above is a Pass if taking the class Pass/No Pass Grading Plan Short Oral Report Written Summary Oral Seminar Report Oral Seminar Summary Nutrition in the News Seminar & Class Discussion Mini Term Paper & Outline TOTAL 8% 5% 23% 9% 5% 20% 30% 100% 5 for unexcused absences and pts for being late. Points for texting or having computers open in class. Scientific Papers Peer reviewed articles Parts written for other scientists Abstract, background, purpose, methods, results, conclusion *Hint: Reading the extra credit online and completing the quiz will help to complete the assignments http://smartsite.ucdavis.edu Deadline: August 9th @ 11:59pm Your Job: Translate Use your own words!!!! Do not `copy and paste' from articles Plagiarism is a serious offense If you don't know a term or technique, then look it up or come to office hours. Types of Research Papers Epidemiological Metabolic Population based research NOT changing the lifestyle of an individual(s) An association is made between health/disease and an aspect of lifestyle Casecontrol, prospective, retrospective Clinical research involving diet/supplement modification & observing outcome Changing the lifestyle of an individual(s) Cause & effect Clinical trials, placebocontrolled, doubleblind Example # 1 500 men between the ages of 45 & 65 are recruited through newspaper advertisements Subjects are assigned to consume a placebo pill or a pill containing lycopene These subjects are then monitored for 12 weeks for: weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels Question: Metabolic or Epidemiological? Example # 1 Answer: Metabolic!!! (Subjects are assigned to consume a placebo pill or a pill containing lycopene) containing lycopene Example # 2 Questionnaires are mailed out to 150,000 households regarding diet history There is no modification of current diet or lifestyle Those who return their questionnaires are brought into the clinic to be weighed, measured, and have their blood pressure taken Question: Metabolic or Epidemiological? Example # 2 (There is no modification of current diet or lifestyle) Answer: Epidemiological!!! Example # 3 150 men are recruited from radio advertisements All subjects are fed tomatoes Their risk of prostate cancer is measured in the blood Question: Metabolic or Epidemiological? Example # 3 Answer: Metabolic!!! (All subjects are fed tomatoes) "Recipe" for Assignments Background Purpose Introduction Why? Question Form Type of study Outcome variables Results Methods Conclusion Changes in variables Do not introduce new variables Significant Difference Answer purpose question 23 main ones Design Look @ abstract Population, visits, etc. Example Doublespaced Include Wordcount (200300 words) Indent Paragraphs 12pt font Tips Use your own words! Tell a story http://sja.ucdavis.edu/ Most interesting parts Past Tense Avoid jargon Be concise Proofread!!! Checking Spelling!!! Remember audience Don't use 1st person Use definitions No need for author & title Example Short Oral Report Did you hear all parts of the paper? What grade would you give this "student"? Background Purpose Methods (variables, type of study, population) Results Conclusion Grading of 1st Assignment Short Oral Report (8) The short oral report should be about 500 words in order to equal a 35 min presentation, you will read this to the class but do not turn it in. The written summary is 200300 words on the same topic and needs to be turned in. 35 minutes Background (1.5) Purpose Question (1) Methods (2) Results (1.5) Conclusion (2) "Effort" (1) Written Summary (5) 250 words 50 Content (3) Grammar (2) How to Access Assignments on Smartsite http://smartsite.ucdavis.edu Login to SmartSite Click the "Nut 11" tab Watch the video under `announcements' "How to access your article" Can always access the articles from any campus computer *Don't wait until the last minute to get help. Access your article right away! Should NOT have to pay for any articles Email Etiquette Before emailing, check FAQs on smartsite for frequently asked questions Put "Nut 11" in the email subject title Write professionally, use proper spelling and grammar (avoid slang and text message lingo) Only email 1 TA at a time, not all at once. Response time for emails is 24 to 48hrs Short Oral Report Due Dates #1__ = Aug 8th #2__ = Aug 10th Oral presentation & written summary are both due on the same day If you have a laptop, please bring it on Wednesday to follow along in class. Obtaining Your Short Oral Report Let's get to know each other....... Name: Year in school: Major: Something interesting about yourself ...
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