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1. Consider the following relations: EMPLOYEE(EMPNO , ENAME, BDATE, ADDRESS, GENDER, DNO, SALARY) DEPARTMENT(DNUMBER, DNAME, MANAGERNUM) DEPENDENT(DEPNAME,ENO , DEPSEX,DEPDATE,RELATIONSHIP) PROJECTS(PNO, PNAME, LOCATION, DNO) WORKS_ON (ENO,PNO , HOURS) Use SQL to answer the following queries: a) Find the birthdates and addresses of all employees. b) Find the names of all managers. c) Find the salary of the employee whose name is 'Mohd Aziz'. d) Find the names and addresses of all employees who work for the “Research”
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Unformatted text preview: Department. e) For every project located in Kuala Lumpur, list the project number, the controlling department number, the department managers name, address and birth date. f) Find the names of all projects controlled by department D05. g) List the names of all employees and their dependents. h) List all salaries. i) List distinct salaries...
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