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Author : Choong Yeow Wei. Title : Designing an Expert System for Investment Analysis. Degree : Master of Computer Science. Year : 1992 Many complex problems including financial investment planning require intelligent systems that integrate many intelligent techniques including expert systems, fuzzy logic, neural networks, and genetic algorithms. This thesis explains the design and implementation of intelligent system for financial investment analysis that was built from agent points of view. This system called INVESYS and developed to help make financial decisions. The system brings to the analysis and investors expertise in decision analysis and investment evaluation techniques, as well as domain knowledge about the market, it currently consists of 5 different parts: 1- ECONSYS for economic analysis. 2- SECSYS analyses the behavior of various sectors or industries. 3- COMSYS for analyzing the fundamental information of individual companies. 4- FINSYS for financial analysis with fuzzy logic applications. 5- DAISYS for analyzing the daily behavior of the investment environment. These parts help to reach the goals of this thesis to make an accumulation of knowledge and information about expert systems which developed to manage the levels and probabilities of investment analysis, and study with explanation the nature of the reasoning process to make the user understands how the expert system reaches and gives the results, also one of the goals is to explain and handle uncertainties happened because of the probabilities and fuzzy characteristics in the investment information. The accuracy is important and needed in such systems, so many testings have to make to reach to a specific level of accuracy and make changings if its need. Cynthia J. Martincic, Douglas P. Metzler 2005, ‘
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Assignment02 - Author : Choong Yeow Wei. Title Year :...

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