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Assignment3 - e Find names and student numbers of students...

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Assignment 3 / Design a database for the registration of the Master in Information Technology courses in the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology. The system must have forms to help in the insertion, deletion and update of students’ information, lecturers’ information, courses offered and reports to show students grades for the semester. Your database must contain facilities that will help answer the following kind of queries: a) List the names of all the Female students. b) List the names, gender, term address and permanent address of all the foreign students c) Find the names of lecturers, who teach at least one course in Semester 1 , 2007 , lecturers room number, and their departments. d) Find the names and student numbers of students who take WXGE6101 Database Concepts and Implementation
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Unformatted text preview: . e) Find names and student numbers of students, who obtained and F for at least one course in Semester 1 , 2007 and the names of the lecturers who teach that course. f) Find student numbers of all students who did not enroll in the course WXGE6306 Web Commerce in Semester 1, 2007 . g) List all the students who obtained a GPA of < 3 . You are to hand in a softcopy of your database and a print out of your queries. Marks will be given for originality and appropriate naming of tables, forms and queries. You fail the assignment if : a) You submit disks which cannot be opened b) Your disks cannot be identified c) You submit a database in which the design view cannot be evaluated d) You only submit the splash screen of your database...
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