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Continuous Assessment -Assignment 2 - frequency domain 3...

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Digital Image and Video Processing Assignment 2: Image Enhancement Basic features of the GUI is given as below Students are required to develop a simple image enhancement tool using MATLAB. In this assignment, students must apply their knowledge in image enhancement techniques learned into a useful tool. Requirements: 1. This tool must be implemented using MATLAB 2. Students must choose TWO image blurring techniques for each spatial and frequency domain and another TWO image sharpening techniques for each spatial and
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Unformatted text preview: frequency domain. 3. This tool must provide function to browse and select several image file. Assessment Criteria Workable functions for image enhancement – 12% (3% for each technique) Other functions – 4% GUI - 4% Image File Browse [ Drop down list box ] Select Blurring Technique [ Drop down list box ] Select Sharpening Technique Image Input Image Output Execute >>...
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