How to build a medical expert system

How to build a medical expert system - Introduction The...

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Introduction The expert system : Is a series of programs to solve problems and issues in the area requested to establishment of an expert system. It notes that called the system and not just a program because it includes the components of a solution to the problem and other components supported. And the fundamental characteristics of the expert system in the form of: 1- Rear 2- Experience 3- Self-knowledge 4- Reasoning digital The basic elements for building expert system : Participate in the construction of the expert group of elements include 1- Expert in the area : A person who has broad knowledge and of a prominent reputation and clear in giving a good scientific solutions to the problems in his respective fields. 2- Knowledge Engineer : a person with a background and knowledge of the knowledge of computers and artificial intelligence. Knows how to build a good system expert 3- Tool and a means building the expert : It is a programming language used by knowledge engineers and programmers to build the expert system. 4- User : It is of course the person or group of persons or organization that uses expert system after construction 5- Data entry : mission confined to data entry, information and the facts and knowledge to be stored in the system according to expert technique and Strategy established by the engineer or knowledge-based expert system building. How to build a medical expert system The objective : The objective of this project is to build an expert system to receive the symptoms of the patient in the form of questions the system posed and then do the diagnosis of the disease, Through the diagnosis identify the names of appropriate medicines or what must do so patient recovering (steps treatment) then introduced to the user in the form of an invoice doctor. At the same time expert system allows discussion between him and the doctors and pharmacists who shall learning from them by adding diseases and symptoms of these diseases and the medicines to learn the names and numbers from the list of global pharmaceutical and disease symptoms 1
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and foreign to them. The system can be requested from the patient tests and analyses to provide specific figures for the ratios useful in decision-making. The system retain the names of the patients and the dates of the visit and questions posed by the system . .. that means file history for each patient visit the system. Clarify how the doctor is thinking and thus our expert : When the doctor matched patients at the outset it takes personal data, it is important in the diagnosis age and sex, because there are diseases that occur in a certain age and it is obvious that the disease affects males or females more of the opposite sex. Then take a the core complaint from the patient (or complaints), and then take the details and we primarily: Onset: sudden, acute, insidious Course: progressive, regressive, stationary Duration Severity: for example strong or weak Aggravating factors: Which make the situation worse
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How to build a medical expert system - Introduction The...

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