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Math Teacher Expert System Introduction Expert Systems: are computer programs that are derived from the Artificial Intelligence. The obvious extension of storing knowledge inside a computer program is to make use of that knowledge to solve practical problems. Expert Systems (ES) are computer programs that take information from the real world (usually by asking a user various questions) and make a decision or recommendation based on that information. This is an example of an Expert System that assists a human in a task, in this case, writing a research paper. Other types of Expert Systems can fully remove the need for a human in completing the task. Expert Systems have been helping to automate our society for many years, and as computing technology becomes more powerful, so too do the Expert Systems. With enough development and computing power, an expert system can be made to respond exactly as an expert would in any topic. Overview The goal throughout development has been to produce a Math Teacher Expert System, capable of teaching, quizzing, and correcting common student error. Abstractly we are creating a computer program that understands certain mathematical topics, can spot common student error, and can respond accordingly and teach them what they are doing wrong. Once fully developed, a student will be able to view a list of topics the Teacher has been taught and then choose a topic they want to learn or refamiliarize themselves with. After choosing a topic, the Teacher will provide the students with an overview for the topic. When the student feels comfortable with the information they have just been taught, they can move on, and take a quiz. After they answer each question, the Teacher will analyze the students response and tell them any errors they have made and how to correct them. This is very different to many current quizzing programs that will just tell the student if they are right or wrong. At this point, the Teacher will analyze the students’ response to the quiz question, and attempt to spot any common errors. Abstractly the Teacher now contains the knowledge of the Math teachers, and can use it to help students on its own. Development Most expert systems are developed via specialized software tools called shells. They typically come with a number of features, such as tools for writing hypertext, for constructing friendly user interfaces, for manipulating lists, strings, and objects, and for interfacing with external programs and databases. These shells qualify as languages, although certainly with a narrower range of application than most programming languages. Our Math Teacher has its own language designed specifically for this application. Administrators designate a flow of control for their topic, and input dynamic problems, and errors to check for in a very formal manner, this is all done online. Once administrators have been taught the simple guidelines for
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Math Teacher Expert System - Math Teacher Expert System...

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